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  Advertiser's Step by Step Guide

As soon as you have registered your account and ready to start advertising, you should perform the following steps:

Step 1: Add funds to your wallet
Step 2: Create a campaign
Step 3: Create an ad
Step 4: Ad keywords

Account Management and Initial Setup

Adding Funds

You need to add funds before you start your first campaign. We accept PayPal, credit cards, WebMoney, checks, money orders and wire transfers. The minimum amount depends on your payment method. If you prefer an alternative payment method, you can notify us and we will discuss the details.

At any time you can access you wallet history, which contains all your transactions.

Modifying Your Profile

At any time you can change you profile details. Your user name can not be modified.

Monitoring Your Wallet History

You can access your wallet history including all internal (adding finds to your campaigns) and external (adding funds to your account) transactions. You can also sort this data by transaction type and set the desired date range.


Creating a New Campaign

In order to create a new campaign you should enter all the required information and select the category of the site you are going to advertise.

Campaign budget

Please note that the minimum budget for any campaign is USD 5. The amount you assign to the campaign will be automatically subtracted from your wallet and added to the campaign balance.

At any time you can return the remaining balance to your wallet, however if you do so, your campaign will no longer be active.

Adding countries

You may select the countries you wish to work with by adding them to the selected list. You can remove and add countries at any time. The list of countries associated with your campaign will allow you assigning any of these countries to your ads.

Editing Your Campaign

At any time you can edit any of your campaigns. You can change any campaign details, however if you make your campaign balance lower than USD 5, your campaign will remain inactive.

Creating a New Ad

Every ad belongs to a certain campaign. In order to create a new ad you should enter all the required information and select the subcategory of the site you are going to advertise.

Your ad has 3 components that are visible to the surfers:


Remember about the first impression. Properly composed and appealing ad title and description will attract more targeted clicks. Your URL doesn't need to be the home page of your web site. You can direct your potential customers to any page you want. Once you've created your ad you can start adding keywords.

Editing Your Ad

At any time you can change your ad details including percentage of your default bids.

For tracking and analytical purposes, you may add special tracking parameters to your click URL. Using these parameters will provide you the detailed information about every single click. It will include your traffic source, the keyword you bid on as well as the keyword used by the surfer. This information will be available in our stats, third party stats and your server stats.

Adding Keywords

As soon as you've done creating your ad, you can start adding keywords. You can also add them later. While adding your keywords, you may use special tags indicating broad, exact or phrase match or check the corresponding boxes. You may also select bulk bid amount, which can be changed later for each of your keywords.

Editing Bids and Keywords Settings

Bidding Manager allows you to perform the following actions:

Edit individual keywords, countries, match type, bid amount and / or current position
Modify bids and positions for a group of keywords
Activate and deactivate keywords
Delete and restore keywords
Copy (duplicate) your ad

Blocking Unwanted Traffic Sources

You can instantly block any traffic source for any of your campaigns. At any time you can unban previously baned traffic sources. Detailed information about traffic sources can be obtained from the report manager or from the third party stats.

Analyzing Reports

Checking Your Stats

Qualibid report manager allows you to constantly monitor your stats. You can select one of the following report types:

Account performance
Campaign performance
Ad performance
Keyword performance

You can also set the date and time range.

The set of filters allows you to narrow down your data by:

Match Type
Traffic Sources

Support and Communication

Getting in Touch

There are two ways of contacting our support team

Send us a message using Messaging Center
Submit a trouble ticket using our Ticket System

All messages are permanently stored in your Messaging Center. The Ticket System is designed in order to outline and report specific technical issue. If it's the case, describe your problem in detail and set its priority. The ticket lists shows all submitted tickets along with their status.

Learning Center

Once you login to your account, you will find the FAQ page along with a technical tutorial, containing detailed information about using Qualibid and achieving best possible results.

Still have a question? Consult with our Faq or contact us.

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Date: 2013-07-09

Do you know that Qualibid has advanced conversion tracking functionality? We strongly encourage you to start using one of our tracking methods.

Date: 2013-04-11

We are glad to inform you that we've recently launched a new function that allows advertisers to choose a particular traffic type.

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