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  Qualibid Privacy Policy

Qualibid is committed to protect personal information and collects it only if voluntarily provided.

By accessing and using, including all it’s pages and any other of its sub domains, (the “Website”), you (the “User”) agree with the rules and practices herein described and to the collection and use of information by Qualibid in accordance with the terms of this document (the “Privacy Policy”).

If you do not want to disclose some or all of the required information or if you care to maintain the confidentiality of any information, you must either abstain from communicating them and simply leave the Website.

You are also responsible to regularly check for modifications of the terms of this Privacy Policy. Your regular and continued access and use of Qualibid services shall imply their acceptance.

1. Commitment to Privacy

Confidentiality of personal information and privacy are principles well recognized by law and Qualibid knows how important it to its users. Qualibid strives to make them feel reassured when visiting it's Website and using its services and is concerned that their experience takes place in a secure and friendly environment.

User can be worry-free when transferring information onto the Website. Qualibid is committed to the highest degree of respect for privacy and controls carefully how personal information is used and disclosed.

Qualibid has developed a Privacy Policy explaining its practices related to collection, use and disclosure of information that states:

- the type of information collected,
- the way information is used and protected,
- choices available to User in this regard.

The following terms define and limit User’s rights and responsibilities in accessing and using the Website.

2. Definitions

In this Privacy Policy, the following terms mean:

2.1 Advertiser: a duly registered individual or business (member) of the Website who can browse the content and use functionality of the Website generally made available to the public as well as the advertiser's member area that is accessible though the advertiser's control panel.

2.2 User: any Advertiser or Visitor;

2.3 Visitor: any occasional, unregistered or signed off individual or business that browses and uses the public portion of the Website thus having limited access;

2.4 Personal Information: data that allows personal identification of an individual User of the Website;

2.5 Non-Personal Information: any information that is entered by a user but does not identify him or her. As, for example, such information may include:

- postal code;
- non-personal data, which doesn’t identify user such as type and version of browser used for referring URL, operating system and Internet Protocol (IP) address;
- information on customers summarized in an aggregate non-personal format for statistical and research purposes;

3. Collecting User's Information

3.1. General Rules of Consent

3.1.1 User Consent. Qualibid does not collect any Personal Information of User without its prior agreement to provide, except as required or permitted by law.

3.1.2 Consent. Consent is considered expressed clearly and explicitly when the User uses the Website or provides the requested information. User may sometime be asked to give their express consent, by checking an appropriate check box.

3.2. Visitors

When Visitors use the Website, Qualibid never collects any data transmitted via their browser in order to identify them nor gains access to their Personal Information.

3.2.1. Server logs. As a standard practice of most web servers, some Visitor’s Non Personal Information are reflected in Qualibid server logs.

3.3. Advertisers

3.3.1. Advertisers Database.
During the registration process, Advertisers must provide certain personally identifiable information, such as name, address, phone number, email address, payment information in order to access to Qualibid advertising services. Advertisers voluntarily provide Qualibid with their Personal Information and consent to their use by Qualibid in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Qualibid Advertising Terms and Conditions which can be found on the Website.

3.4. Users

3.4.1. HTTP cookies. In order to provide better User experience, Qualibid uses HTTP cookies (also known as web cookies or browser cookies). HTTP cookies are pieces of short text used by Qualibid to set or get User’s information. Such cookies are stored on user's computer and are used mainly for User’s convenience in specific occasions, such as collecting statistical data, reading previously stored user preferences, quick authentication, session monitoring and the likes. Any browser provides the User with means to delete any cookies from the user's computer at any time.

3.4.2. Comments and Inquiries. Some Users may voluntarily submit data, such as email, name or phone numbers when contacting Qualibid by email, via IM, web forms or by phone. This information may be collected by Qualibid to allow follow-ups on such inquiries.

3.5. Payment Processing via PayPal and Data Privacy

Some or all payment transactions for Qualibid may be processed by PayPal. PayPal is an independent Controller for the purpose of Processing Customer Data. "Controller" means an entity that determines the purposes and means of the processing of Personal Data, or, if such term (or terms addressing similar functions) in defined in Data Protection Law, Controller shall have the meaning as defined in the applicable Data Protection Law. Please review their privacy policy here. You may may exercise your data subject rights in connection with the Payment Services with PayPal according to the instructions described in the Privacy Statement available at

4. Use of Collected Information

4.1 General Rules of Disclosure

4.1.1 Qualibid does not sell, rent, disclose or share any Personal Information voluntarily supplied by Users.

4.2 Sharing of Information

4.2.1 Service Providers Qualibid may use third parties to manage some aspects of its business or more, including the handling of Personal Information. When Qualibid use an outside company, we enter into contracts or use other appropriate means to ensure that Personal Information is used in accordance with this Privacy Policy;

4.2.2 Parent companies, subsidiaries and divisions

Qualibid may share the information collected on its Website with its parent companies, subsidiaries or divisions for internal business purposes. All information will always be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy;

4.2.3 Sale or transfer of business Any information Qualibid hold about its Users may be transferred or disclosed to a purchaser or a prospective buyer in case of sale, assignment or transfer of business or assets, in whole or in part. If such a transfer occurs, Qualibid will make reasonable efforts to try to ensure that the transferee will use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy;

4.2.4 Disclosure pursuant to law Qualibid may disclose some information as permitted or required by law. A court or other entity with authority to force us to disclose such information may require us to disclose some information. If information may be useful, as part of an investigation into illicit or illegal activities, Qualibid may disclose such information to agencies responsible for law enforcement and other agencies investigation appropriate.

4.2.5 International Boundaries. If a User connects to Website from a country which differs from the countries where Qualibid’s servers are located, the communication will inevitably result in the transfer of information across international boundaries. By visiting Website, Users consent to these transfers. If Personal Information is provided to Qualibid, User acknowledge and agree that such Personal Information may be transferred from user’s current location to the offices and servers of Qualibid and its agents, and service providers.

4.3 Sharing of Non-Personal Information

Qualibid may occasionally provide portions of Non-Personal Information to third party subcontractors which can make specific offerings with prior consent from Users, the whole subject to strict contractual terms and with established means to monitor against misuse and unauthorized disclosure of such Non-personal information.

4.3.1 Server logs. With regard to Non-Personal Information, Qualibid may periodically analyze its Website logs to assess aggregate usage trends in order to better serve the needs of its Users. Under some circumstances this information may be used for purposes of systems administration or server troubleshooting and security.

4.3.2 Advertisers Database. Advertisers’ information is collected and maintained (the “Membership Database”) solely in order to provide Advertisers with access to specific functionality granted to them through their membership with Qualibid. If necessary, Qualibid will use the Membership Database to send periodic email messages and messages via internal messaging system providing Advertisers with alerts, activity reports and financial documents having to do with their account. Advertisers may unsubscribe from certain types of messages sent by Qualibid (i.e. account reports, alerts, offers, postal mailings etc.) by adjusting their notification settings or contacting Qualibid. Certain types of messages (i.g. announcements, personal messages, invoices and other financial notifications) will be always delivered to Advertisers.

5. User's Security

5.1. Respect of Privacy by Qualibid’s Employees. Only those employees authorized by Qualibid can access User’s Personal Information. All Qualibid’s employees must comply with this Privacy Policy and any violation will result in disciplinary sanctions, including dismissal, when breach is severe.

5.2. User's Data Storage

5.2.1. Restricted Access. While no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100 percent secure, as soon as we receive the data, Qualibid takes measures to protect its security;

5.2.2. Limited Access. The access to advertiser databases, system administration logs are restricted to the limited number of authorized employees;

5.2.3. Storage Period. Unless otherwise stated, files containing Personal Information are retained by Qualibid only for the time necessary to accomplish the purpose for which this information was collected.

5.2.4. Unauthorized Access. Although Qualibid takes measures to protect Users’ Personal information, Qualibid cannot guarantee the complete security if its servers if they are hacked or subject to any other abnormal circumstances (see Force Majeure in Terms of Use). In no circumstances, Qualibid shall be held responsible for such acts or be blamed for any damage or loss such acts may cause to any User (see Limitations of Liability in Terms of Use).

5.3 Security of Users.
Safety is a shared responsibility. User also needs to adopt practices of safe use.

5.3.1 Website Address. Prior to signing in to the secure zone of the Website, the User must make sure that the URL of the Website that appears in the browser address bar is indeed “” and not any other visually similar or forged address. This will prevent potential phishing and loss of user's login data.

5.3.2 Secure Mode. When accessing a member area, the User must check if he or she is in secure mode, making sure that the URL (Web address) begins with https :// rather than http :// The padlock icon on your browser window will confirm the secure mode.

5.3.3 Log Off. It is important to log out the Website when finished or during a session if terminal is left unattended. To close a session securely, User should log out, clear cache and close browser. These operations are even more important if User shares the workstation with others. Qualibid can in no way be liable for any loss or damage arising from failure to fulfill any obligation outlined in this paragraph.

5.3.4 Equipement Protection. Users are required to protect and safeguard their data and computer equipment. Users are also required to prevent unauthorized access to their advertiser accounts.

5.4 Security of Personal Information of Advertisers. Various and standard technical means to insure adequate security have been put in place by Qualibid to protect Personal Information of Advertisers.

5.4.1 Password. Advertisers must prevent unauthorized access to their password and computer. Advertisers are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of their password and account information. It is Advertiser’s responsibility to immediately inform Qualibid of any unauthorized use of its username and / or password and / or any breach of security and to take all measures available to ensure optimal security conditions when using the Website. Qualibid never sends an unsolicited communication requesting password or asking you to put your account information up to date (phishing). Any email fraud must be reported.

5.4.2 Encryption

The communication between Advertiser’s computer and Advertising Area is provided through a certified encrypted secure HTTPS protocol.

5.4.3 Authentication

Qualibid has taken steps to prevent fraudulent use of Personal Information and authentication procedures which meet industry standards. This may include, without limitation, communications with financial institutions or credit reporting agencies to verify the authenticity of credit card and billing data.

6. Hyperlinks- Third Parties Websites

This Website may contain links to other sites and Qualibid cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites. Qualibid encourages User to be cautious when leaving the Website and to read the privacy statements of those sites which may collect Personal Information. This Privacy Policy applies only to this Website.

7. Third Party Discussion Groups

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any posting by Users in any of third party, external forums, discussion threads, social networking sites/groups, chat areas or similar interactive areas of web properties or affiliates web properties. Any information posted in those areas by users may be displayed, republished and otherwise disseminated by Qualibid, in accordance with the Terms of use of this Website.

8. Liability

For information regarding Qualibid’s general liability with regard to the application of this Privacy Policy, please refer to the Terms of Use posted on Qualibid’s Website.

9. Modifications

This Privacy Policy can be modified by Qualibid at any time without prior notice. It is the User sole responsibility to review it periodically.

10. Information Requests and Complaints

Users that have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy may contact Qualibid, by email to Any User may also contact Qualibid if he or she has any concerns about the accuracy of or wish to correct the Personal Information collected by Qualibid.

Updated: November 05, 2021.

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